Employee Benefits

“For over 55 years, Corkill Insurance Agency has partnered with our clients to provide valuable insurance products, risk management and sincere strategic relationships that focus on our clients’ success.”

We survey the historical trends of the health insurance industry

It is clear that the financial impact of employee benefits to our clients has risen faster and higher than any other corporate cost with the possible exception of payroll expense.

If we leave the future of health care cost in the hands of insurance carriers or government regulations…

There is truly no telling how much more out of control the annual expenditures will be to our client partners.

The Employee Benefits division of Corkill Insurance Agency has the experience, expertise and tools

We’ll bridge the gap between seemingly out of control health care spending and a strategically focused and deliberate plan to offer a generous Employee Benefits program while still maintaining the most efficient pricing models possible. After 55 years, we have worked with nearly every kind of company and industry.

Historically, many insurance brokers’ main focus was to provide annual quotes

Healthcare brokers would try to get the best pricing year by year. Today the stakes are too high for that service model.

Business challenges in the 21st Century require modern tools sophistication and expertise.

Corkill Insurance Agency is ready to partner with you!

Here is a summary of our role in providing authentic risk management services while still allowing you to offer cutting edge  Employee Benefit Programs.

  • Looking At Your Organization As Unique

    All companies and their goals are different. It is naïve in today’s challenging environment to assume that a “cookie cutter” approach to Employee Benefits will work. The professionals at Corkill will assess your specific company’s needs, goals and culture. We will look at your programs from an historical perspective and help you determine what the future needs will be. What may have worked in the past may not be the best steps moving forward. Or in many cases, we will help you build on many good decisions from the past.

  • Access To The Marketplace

    The Employee Benefits team at Corkill has access to virtually every insurance carrier that offers group benefit plans. Whether it be health insurance, dental, life insurance, disability or any other line of coverage, Corkill can gain access to it for your review. And we also have expertise in both fully insured and self-funded (ASO) programs. Unlike brokers that only can represent a limited number of insurance companies, Corkill Employee Benefits brings the entire Group marketplace to you. Independence means we work for you not the carriers. We believe that our independence in the marketplace is what fuels our strong advocacy on your behalf.

  • Risk Management Tools

    We have made a commitment to our partner clients by investing in carefully chosen reporting and benchmarking tools. This data addresses both national and regional trends by coverage, rates and specific industry. These tools allow us to negotiate the best rates on your behalf and design a program that is not only competitive in the marketplace and your industry but also keeps costs as efficient as possible.

  • Long Term Strategic Planning

    Gone are the days when a corporate organization can just look one year ahead when making decisions about Employee Benefits. The annual cost of these programs prohibits such outdated practices. Corkill Insurance Agency has always taken the approach of long term, strategic planning.  We start by looking at your current program (including the mix of plans) and how it has been working for the employees and the company. Then we assess if your current and future goals are being met for all involved. Sometimes companies will make a benefits decision that seems to meet the short term goals of the organization. But what often happens is that today’s decisions can cause long term consequences that might be better to avoid.  Instead of looking one year ahead, we put together a one, three and five year plan that assures your success in both the short and long term. The further we can see forward, the more prepared we are for both today and tomorrow.

  • Wellness Programs

    Benjamin Franklin was right over 200 years ago. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” – and nothing could be more true when designing an effective and cost efficient Employee Benefits program.

    Many of our client partners have taken advantage of our guidance in developing and maintaining exciting, fun, and productive wellness programs for both them and their employees. Whether those programs are web based, a smoking cessation effort or on-site health fairs and educational opportunities, Corkill will design a tailor-made wellness program that is right for your corporate culture and environment.  Reliable data suggests that preventing or greatly reducing the severity of disease makes sense for all involved. Wellness programs help prevent larger claim dollars from being spent which translates into lower premium rates for you. Wellness programs have also proven to decrease absenteeism and improve employee morale.

  • Compliance Programs

    The 2010 signing into law of the Affordable Care Act changed everything. The implementation of this federal law truly was the end of the past as we knew it and the beginning of a future of intense complexity and many unknowns. Never before in history had the health insurance industry been overhauled in such a profound way. Corkill Insurance Agency has invested heavily in technology that will support you and be compliant today and into the future. Whether it be the reporting and filing requirements from the Affordable Care Act or compliance with older regulations such as COBRA or ERISA 5500, Corkill is ready to relieve you of the administrative burden of compliance. When it comes to Employee Benefit compliance, Corkill Insurance Agency has you covered.

  • Human Resource Tools

    Whether it be by working with our internal, expert staff members or via or professional partnerships, Corkill Insurance Agency is ready to support all of your Human Resource needs. Whether it be expert consultation on day to day HR issues (hiring, terminations and other work place issues) to hand books, surveys – really anything that is needed, we are ready to give you access to our many tools and expert strategies.