Our Team

Built with the talent of elite insurance professionals

Corkill Insurance Agency is built with the talent of elite insurance professionals with a broad range of insurance knowledge and proven experience. Our team members are well suited to offer personalized, value-added customer service for a wide range of insurance applications.  Our leadership is comprised of Insurance Producers, Account Managers & Executives, Assistant Account Managers, Administrative & Financial Support Services, Safety Specialists, HR Consultants, and Principals who work together to provide a vast range of insurance solutions.


There is no hierarchy here in that everyone is encouraged to contribute their ideas and challenge the notions that are put forth. We promote an open forum for devising the best programs for our client’s unique situations and needs, and this community for open debate results in remarkable answers.

Needless to say, we are very proud of our team. Corkill Insurance attracts and seeks out the best talent in the marketplace; maintaining an extremely high retention rate compared to industry norms.   A large percentage of our people have over ten years of dedicated Corkill experience. We are grateful to the core employees for their loyal commitment and greatly appreciate the contribution of each individual team member.  We are expanding to support and better serve the needs of our clients and to provide the most enriching work environment possible for our invaluable employees.